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Taxes & Incentives

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Starting ahead, staying ahead: With its low costs of living and doing business, Hillsboro offers powerful everyday advantages, advantages augmented by high-value incentives tailored to your operational needs. As a Texas “Type A” corporation, the Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) has the flexibility to deploy incentives strategically customized to boost your bottom line.


Our range of incentives includes:

  • Rebates and abatements in property tax and sales tax—linked to future performance, jobs created, wages paid and/or value added to tax rolls.

  • Triple-Freeport tax exemption—exempting inventory taxes for products that are shipped out of the state within 175 days of manufacture or entry into the state.

  • High-powered Texas incentives—including:

Texas Enterprise Fund incentives

Sales and use tax exemptions

Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure Program

Texas Capital Fund Real Estate Development Program

Workforce training through the Texas Workforce Commission


For more information, contact the Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) at 254-582-5776 or

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