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True Texas Performance.

On CNBC’s 2019 scorecard for economic climates, Texas cruised ahead of 48 states to land at the #2 spot in the nation; the results from Area Development Magazine were same, and the list goes on. Texas has what it takes, and what it takes is a solid workforce. As site selectors and industry veterans make their evaluations, one of the top drivers for Texas’ top rating is workforce and workforce development geared for global performance.


Key advantage: Collaboration.

Here in Hillsboro, employers enjoy the best of Texas performance and power, drawing from a labor pool over 700,000, with targeted skills enhanced by a strategic collaboration and a local training partner of peerless credentials. Working in conjunction with the Texas Workforce Commission, Hill College’s Community and Workforce Education (CWE) Program helps maintain a powerful pipeline of skills-ready workers through program options including certification, professional development and personal enrichment. For industry, whether the facility is a startup or an existing operation looking to expand or retrain, custom training administered through Hill College insures a smooth and cost-efficient boost to productivity and performance, underwritten by the Texas Skills Enhancement Fund. For more information, contact the college at 254-659-7500 or

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