New Billboard Goes Up

September 7, 2017

New Billboard on Interstate 35

The Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) recently placed new vinyl on the Interstate 35 billboard that it owns in the Hillsboro Industrial Park near the rear of IKO Southwest.

 The billboard features the slogan, "We Make Things Happen, Hillsboro EDC" and has the city's logo and the HEDC's website. In the past three years, the community has seen the start of construction of IKO Southwest shingle manufacturing plant and more recently the Gate Precast Structural Concrete plant. Skeeter Bruch Trucks and Bosque Millworks have relocated to the city and most existing industrial plants have hired additional employees, including Brandom Cabinets, which has nearly doubled its work force to 400 people.

 For more information on the HEDC, call 254-582-5776 or go to