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Hillsboro: Welcome to the true heart of Texas.

It’s no secret that Texas tops the nation in global business performance, and now more companies are discovering that the top Texas location lies right in the center: Hillsboro puts your operation just an easy hour drive from both Dallas and Fort Worth through the I-35 east-west split, with Austin just 2 hours to the south. In a fast-paced global market, Hillsboro also leads with logistics and labor. Multimodal options including highway, air and Class I rail keep goods and materials on the move, while a booming labor pool of more 700,000 keeps businesses on the grow with low costs and high productivity, thanks to world-class Texas workforce training administered through one of the state’s educational leaders, Hill College, right here in Hillsboro.


You’ll like our central location. You’ll love our core values. Civic spirit, architectural beauty, community pride: Hillsboro’s true Texas character supports families and business as they flourish in a robust and balanced agricultural/manufacturing economy and an environment where the preservation of a rich and storied past blends handsomely with the promise of the future. The spectacularly renovated 1890 Hill County Courthouse, for example, restored through public/private funding (including a generous donation from Hill County native Willie Nelson), sets the standard in Hillsboro’s vibrant Historic Downtown.


Putting our heart into providing the best: In Hillsboro, the quality of life is comprehensive, in the outstanding educational opportunities offered by Pre-K-12 schools through Hill College, in warm and friendly neighborhoods welcoming with exceptionally low housing costs, in abundant recreation and uncongested highways that get you where you need to be without hassles (faster, in fact, to many DFW destinations than from inside the metro areas).


All together, Hillsboro advantages are strategic across the board. It’s the smart decision that pays limitless personal and professional dividends. So use your head—and head for the true heart of Texas: Hillsboro.

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