Expand Your Business

“Hillsboro, Texas is a great place to work, to do business, and to succeed. That’s thanks in large part to the organizations and people who are dedicated to the community’s growth and prosperity, and to ensuring a vibrant atmosphere and economy that help businesses thrive. UFP Hillsboro is proud and grateful to call Hillsboro home.“

Mark Odermann


Connections to rail and resources brought two roofing leaders to Hillsboro: IKO Southwest opening its 250,0000-sq.-ft. shingle manufacturing and distribution operation in 2018, and Johns Manville cutting the ribbon on its 420,000-sq.-ft. polyiso facility in 2022. Success was rapid for both operations. IKO almost immediately expanded production as it moved to 24/7 operations—doing so while achieving an ARMA Perfect Employee Safety Certificate and earning a regional “Business of the Year“ award. Johns Manville is also thriving, and drawing praise from across the state, including the Texas Economic Development Council

In Hillsboro, because connection happens, so does robust growth. This region connects your enterprise to a wealth of advantages, from both natural and human resources to transportation to incentives to powerful business networking. And at the Hillsboro EDC, we’re ready to help your enterprise leverage those advantages in growing your operation to its fullest potential.

Strategic assistance: Even at the earliest stages when you begin to think of expanding, we’re ready to provide services like cost-benefit analyses to help you make strategic decisions. We’ll also help in finding the right resources—like locating the best construction services and identifying acreage if needed—to implement your expansion smoothly and cost-effectively. In our low-cost area, we’ll help you make the most of your budget.

Workforce recruitment and training: As your plans for expansion come together, connection with Workforce Solutions means one-stop assistance in recruitment and screening of the new additions to your team. And if new skills are needed for new hires or existing employees taking on new tasks, workforce training is available through Workforce Solutions and Hill College—and for qualified projects, training is underwritten by the Texas Skills Development Fund.

Incentives for growth: To facilitate business expansion, we incentivize qualified projects that add investment and create jobs for the area, with county tax abatements and more.

Let us help your enterprise expand. Let’s connect today!