A fast-flowing hub in the heart of Texas.

In the years after the Civil War, cattle drives flowed across Hill County on the legendary Chisholm Trail, beefing up the American economy. Today, Hillsboro’s central location keeps the city at the heart of the action; our industries are key players in a world economy and our local products flow with global speed and cost efficiency through strategic multi-modal assets. Hillsboro is within an hour of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, two hours to Austin and three to four hours from Houston and San Antonio.

Highway: Major artery, major advantages.

Located at the split of I-35 going to Dallas and Fort Worth, Hillsboro multiplies the advantages of the nation’s leading north-south artery. Enjoy swift and unobstructed Pan-American reach on the USMCA superhighway, from Canadian to Mexican markets; the split also provides a straight shot to Dallas and Fort Worth to the north and Austin, Houston and San Antonio to the south. Four additional roadways—U.S. Highways 77 and 81 and State Highways 22 and 171—mean 180-degree access to domestic interstate and highway routes.

Air: Local convenience, international access.

Assuring ease in corporate travel and excellent general aviation facilities, Hillsboro’s Municipal Airport provides 24-hour amenities and a 4,000’ x 60’ runway. Just a half hour away, commercial service is available at the Waco Regional Airport. And approximately an hour away are two Dallas airports, including Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International, the second busiest airport in the world, offering more than 20 million square feet of cargo facilities onsite.

Port: Premier facilities, global reach.

Less than 4 hours away, the Port of Houston—the nation’s busiest port in foreign tonnage and America’s #1 breakbulk port—provides both container and general cargo terminal facilities. And all along the Texas coastline, opportunities are opening wide: While the Port at Port Arthur is equipped to handle virtually any kind of breakbulk general cargo, expansions at the Port of Houston and Corpus Christi can accommodate post-Panamax vessels. Freight coming into Hillsboro will have the opportunity to capitalize on the local Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) to save duties until the freight is shipped to its final destination or back out of the country.

Rail: Door-to-door delivery.

Union Pacific (UP) service to the Hillsboro Industrial Park also opens the opportunity for door-to-door delivery of materials and goods to 23 states and two-thirds of the western U.S. UP’s expertise makes it a leader in shipping industrial, agricultural, automotive and chemical products. Door to door without delay, Hillsboro delivers.