A growing city in a fast-growing state, Hillsboro offers a workforce that is right-sized—NUMBER?—and strategically skilled, supported by a talent pipeline with powerful inputs in funding and expertise, including:

Workforce Solutions

Combining central strength with local ease, Workforce Solutions is a one-stop resource for new employers ready to staff up for startup or for existing employers seeking to expand their operations. Workforce Solutions can handle end-to-end staffing, from recruiting to screening to training.

Hill College

This century-old institution has been in the business of innovation since its inception as the first community college in Texas and the very first four-year community college in the nation. The College supports a high general level of skill through certificates and diplomas in areas including business and technical training, and through the innovative and popular Job Training and Workforce Partnership programs. For custom training, the College’s seasoned experts work with Workforce Solutions to design precision-tooled training that can be delivered whenever or wherever needed, whether in the classroom or on the shop floor.

Skills Development Fund

For qualified projects, this fund brings critical financial support for custom training, and serves as a connection point for a collaborative process involving all the relevant stakeholders, including the client business, to assure the utmost effectiveness.

Aligned solutions. A community ready to work.

High K-12 educational standards, developing high school career tracks and close collaboration with local business and industry, all contribute to Hillsboro’s responsive workforce solutions. In this pro-business community, our business is your success.

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