Make the switch to truly affordable abundance.

Hillsboro’s low-cost, high-production paradigm yields true energy market efficiency and keeps water and data flowing.

Power: Reliable power and the empowerment of choice.

Hillsboro is committed to a sustainable, greener future. Situated in the true heart of Texas, we value our open vistas, fresh water, and clean air. Since we live here and we work here, we are committed to preserving this healthy environment for future generations of Texans.

While much of the nation lets the electrical utilities play monopoly with your money, here in Hillsboro, a deregulated Texas energy market means you have the power of choice. With a rugged and reliable infrastructure provided by Oncor, Texas’ largest transmission and distribution utility, Hillsboro is equipped to handle the energy needs of any size company, any sector, with transmission voltages of 69, 138 and 345 KV. And thanks to a choice of energy providers, your operation runs more effectively and cost-efficiently, with packages customized to your needs—whether it’s fixed- or variable-rate, or even green energy. Hillsboro electricity is truly smart power.

For reliable, competitively priced natural gas, Hillsboro industries are served by Dallas-based Atmos Energy, one of the nation’s leading natural gas providers.

Telecommunications: Connections unlimited.

The latest in telecommunication infrastructure with the speed that delivers are available through leading providers, including AT&T, Vyve, Windstream, Nextlink, Rise Broadband and others.